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Tango Suite


St. Michael's Prayer


My City Rhythm




Gianmario Liuni (Pianoforte, Piano elettrico), Martino Malacrida (batteria), Luca Meneghello (Chitarra elettrica, Chitarra acustica), Marco Ricci (Basso elettrico), Giulio Visibelli (Flauto, Sax Soprano, Sax Tenore, Sax Baritono)


Quartetto d’archi
Khora Quartet

Luca Campioni (violino I)
Andrea Aloisi (violino II)
Simone Rossetti (viola)
Franceso Saverio Gilozzi (violoncello)

Composizioni originali e arrangiamenti di Gianmario Liuni

Cesano Boscone (MI) - aprile 2019

Advice Music CDAMH104


Presenting the pieces of this new project, I realized it was a kaleidoscope of musical images that, combined, painted a decent self-portrait of me as a composer and performer.

Even more importantly, it is a self-portrait of the man and musician, a profound and significant identity in my life.
This is the reason for the title, where the word 'music' is imbedded in my first name, which embraces and almost cradles it as a definition of a destiny.
As I said, this kaleidoscope of pieces united by a singular pursuit and search for selfexpression through different forms and moods also reveals a desire for compositions with sweeping, complex themes that are solidly structured and arranged, also through the deliberate and not merely ornamental use of strings, represented here by the excellent
"Khora Quartett".
“Adrift" narrates a moment of veering off the chosen course, but also the thrill or desire for this to occur if the route is leading to a sense of alienation and one needs to observe the stars again to find a new safe harbor. Going adrift is, therefore a temporary moment of respite, to be able to check the sextant and continue navigating the sea with sails unfurled.
It is not a piece about renunciation but hope, searching for a vaster sea to explore.
“Tango Suite" recounts my passion, which has already been expressed several times in other compositions, for this intense and passionate dance rhythm, which gradually
transforms here like a chameleon constantly changing its color.
“Sulla Rena" is a piece that was already published in "Mottetti" as a trio. Here the theme is performed with sensitivity by the soprano sax suspended above a smooth accompaniment of strings.
“St. Michael's Prayer”: for more information about this piece, please go to the Music Sheet section of my website The piece was originally
commissioned by a parish church, but this new version confirms my reluctance to classify music according to specific genres or categories. A beautiful melody can -- and should -- be presented from different perspectives that reveal its full potential without betraying its
original inspiration.
In "Unusual Person" I sought and played with unusual and complex rhythms to create this slightly irreverent, pyrotechnical music.
“No Answers" is the transcription of one of my previous solo piano pieces for a double string quartet. The piece is composed of a series of phrases, each with its own response.
Sometimes, however, we receive responses that are not answers at all. They say nothing (perhaps deliberately) and are worse than silence. The silence of non-communication in our society of hyper-communication reveals all of its paradoxical and heart-breaking pain.
“Piccola Malinconia" is a classic jazz ballad for the classic jazz trio: a touch of melancholy, a small group of musicians with great feeling and participation.
“My City Rhythm" was born in the wake of my two previous works dedicated to jazz-rock ("Happy Choice" and "Upriver"), but with the string quartet and a powerful, deep baritone sax in dialogue with an extraordinary, edgy guitar.
“A Title to Come”: the non-title perhaps reveals my effort and annoyance at times, having to give titles to something as undefined as music. Montale wrote: “[…] bodies fade out in a flood / of colors: colors in music. […]” (from "Ossi di Seppia”: Portami Il girasole). However, I must admit that titles help, in part, to frame the message.
But this time, I'd like you to give a title to this last elegant piece with Latin rhythms, performed by the trio, which concludes our journey in the kaleidoscope of my self-portrait.
I sincerely thank all the extraordinary musicians involved in this project: Marco Ricci, for his precious advice, the warm sound of his electric bass, a contrapuntal
accompaniment full of rhythm, and his always very original improvisations.
Giulio Visibelli, for the sensitivity with which he interprets my melodies and the fluidity of difficult and gorgeous solos.
Luca Meneghello, for his edgy, inspired, vibrant, powerful guitar, full of his hallmark virtuosity and his contagious enthusiasm.
Martino Malacrida, for his decisive, varied rhythms, amazing technique and the precision of the finest goldsmith.
The "Khora quartett" led by Luca Campioni: a tight-knit quartet, always attentive and precise, with whom I was thrilled to make music.
Finally, I want to thank Alberto Boi, the publisher of this and most of my previous CDs and the sound engineer responsible for the marvelous result that you can hear in these tracks.
His work is hidden but it is definitely an artistic talent and contribution that channels and significantly affects the outcome of the recording.
Recording, mixing, adjusting the timbre, adding the right reverberation and many other subtle little tweaks that we may not be aware of but can hear make Alberto one of the finest sound engineers around, not only for his specific skills but for that artistic taste which he has cultivated over many years of experience.

Gianmario Liuni