My piano life, a collection

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Per il tuo viso


Cercavo tra le righe il mare


Improvisation N°2


Gianmario Liuni (Pianoforte)
Composizioni originali e arrangiamenti di Gianmario Liuni


Monza (MI) - 2020, may
Advice Music CDAMH150



This is my life at the piano, sitting in front of those white and black keys. It's where I express my love for beauty, where I learn more about myself, where I seek consolation and solitude, where I let off steam, where I search for dialog and where I give my all, in joy, sadness, anger and love. 
You are not listening to a project, but a collection in its fullest sense.
I strolled through the vineyard of my musical life and collected all of those bunches - music composed for the piano or adapted for it.
You will therefore also find music from previous releases performed with larger ensembles: here, however, the result is more intimate or in some way different. 
This solitary and patient endeavor was slowly recorded in my studio, track after track, over many days, as I sought the right moment for the right expression, waiting for the notes to flow from deep unconscious recesses within me.
The music on the first CD of the collection - My Written Music - was also composed to be performed with improvisations, as is typical of my world of jazz, but here the pieces focus on the incisiveness of their themes that are left intact because they are formally and emotionally autonomous. 
In the second CD - Around Jazz - the music is written and improvised based on a harmonic framework of known chords. These pieces arise from various suggestions, starting out from the language of jazz and intertwining with another. Whatever the inspiration, I let it emerge from the memory of what I have listened to and loved in every music genre. 
The tracks on the third CD - Improvisations - were born from a fierce desire to say and express something. They emerged one by one, on different and distant days, by chance. Unexpected and unprompted, they came from a mysterious subconscious place, surprising me through the known and unknown forms that have been deposited there over the years. Jarrett, Corea, Tristan, and Bley are there, and rightfully so, but all this has been blended, mixed, and pressed to make a new wine: my own.
So, here is my most secret music, born from the silence of an absence to fill my life, and hopefully yours, with life.

Gianmario Liuni