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Gianmario Liuni: Piano, electric piano and Keyboards, Giulio Visibelli: soprano sax and flute, 

Alessio Pacifico: (Drums), Luca Meneghello: (Guitar), Gianluca Alberti: (Electric Bass)


All Compositions and arrangements by Gianmario Liuni


Cesano Boscone (MI), April 13-14 2012 



"Upriver” means going against the current but also going back to the source. It is a word that perfectly describes the profound, existential attitude of people like me who love beauty, despite everything and at any cost. Therefore, I want to deeply thank my friends Giulio, Alessio, Luca and Gianluca who joined me on my journey "upriver" and, through their marvelous art, vibrantly brought these pieces to life.

Gianmario Liuni



Cesano Boscone, April 2014. 
A dive into the past or a stroll into the future: eight tracks for over an hour of music entirely composed by Liuni, who polishes his jazz rock brand that is set ablaze with the razor-sharp strings of Meneghello's guitar, especially in the heavy metal solo in "Air", but also in the awesome riffs of "Dark Clouds" that intertwine with the soaring runs of Liuni's electric piano. A different kind of music inspired by progressive rock, even Italian style, can be heard in the mid-tempo notes of "Eyes II" and particularly in the keyboard of the leader, who always pays careful attention to each effect.
All the songs, even the most complex tracks, are catchy tunes with refreshing melodies. In "Semplicemente Tu", Visibelli underlines the best aspects thanks to a distinctive tone and confident legato. The linking thread is the ever-present groove that weaves through Alberti's throbbing bass and Pacifico's confident rhythm, even in "Happy Blues", where the blues scale is embellished by Visibelli's soprano sax.