Suite for Sarajevo



1 Nespina (testo:Abdulah Sidran) 3:50
2 Black 5:15  
3 Eyes 2:27  


Gianmario Liuni (piano), Gianluca Alberti (double bass), Alessio Pacifico (drums), Scott Rice (sax)


Original compositions and arrangements: Gianmario Liuni


Milano, 1996



The project that led to the realization of "Suite for Sarajevo" was born under the suggestion of the architect Adi Corovic, collaborator of the Consulate of the Repubblic of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the idealization of the bosnian pavillon (first in history) at the XIX Triennale of Milano - "Identità e differenze" (1996). In this case, the name "Suite" doesn't mean, as usually, a series of pieces linked together by harmony; with this name I wanted to mean one intentional movement in the recalling of the bosnian tragedy. My aim as composer, suddenly accepted by the others musicians, was to capture in the recalling of a innerly felt pain, the lines of a possible hope, though not free of any doubt. The enthusiastic partecipation of the musicians has led to moments of great reciprocal agreement, which realized a strong but controlled "pathos". The cover, realized by the great designers Anur&Aina, recalls the same theme, by the association CRY-EGG, of a palingenesis trought pain.

Gianmario Liuni